What to Expect at a BNI Parkville Meeting

Meeting Agenda

  • Open networking
  • Call to order
  • Visitor introductions
  • Leadership introductions
  • Purpose and overview of BNI
  • Education segment
  • Circulation of business-card book
  • Explanation of record slips
  • Inductions, renewals, and recognitions
  • 30-second business presentation
  • Vice president report
  • Membership report
  • Secretary/treasurer report
  • Featured speaker presentation
  • Leadership announcements
  • Referrals and testimonials
  • Door prize drawing
  • General announcements
  • Quote of the week
  • Adjournment

Leadership Team

  • President – Mitch Weber
  • Vice President – Cat Heisler
  • Secretary/Treasurer – Trina Lance
  • Membership Team – Karen Allenbrand, Carlose Estes, Marc Evans, Denise McPherson, Ron Schieber & Nancy Tracy
  • Mentor/Mentee Coordinator – Jason Ottis & Jin Nguyen
  • Education Coordinator – Brad Harris
  • Visitor Hosts – Denise McPherson, Richard Cusick & David Oquendo
  • Events Coordinator – Terrie Applewhite
  • Chapter Growth Coordinator – Ryan Reed
  • Communications Coordinator – Cathy Emmons


How to Do a 30-Second Business Presentation

Stand and smile.
State your name and the name of your company.
Briefly state the products/services your company provides.
End by stating what a good referral would be for you this week.

Cards, Cards, and More Cards!

During the meeting, visitors have an opportunity to pass business cards. To ensure you have enough, we recommend that you bring about 50 cards.

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